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Silvard has the unique ability and technique to perform – on the concert stage - pieces that he has never played before. He refers to these compositions that he makes up on the spot as "Freeflow" compositions. Silvard has Freeflowed these impromptu pieces during live television broadcasts and on the concert stage, but also in the recording studio so as to be able to record these one-time-only compositions. The two resulting Freeflow CDs, Postcard from Cape Cod and Touched by the Sea, respectively reached #6 and #1 on the national radio play lists (see below).

An audience of 35,000!! That was the number of people for which Silvard performed at the annual Festival of Lights in Providence, RI. to benefit the Gloria Gemma Foundation for Breast Cancer. This “Yanni moment,” as he refers to this 5-hour non-stop performance on the main stage, is thus far the highlight of Silvard’s performance career.

During 1998, Silvard outsold George Winston, Yanni, John Tesh, and Jim Brickman in the #1 New Age-selling store in the USA. In the same store, sales of Silvard's Picture of TimeCD ranked 89th on a list of 60,000 titles during the first half of 1998.

Silvard's 2007 release, Life is Grand..., consists of eleven new uplifting, original, solo piano compositions. Store owners ordered 700 CDs before the CD came out! Only two weeks later, the re-orders started to come in. The album peaked at #5 of the international New Age and Instrumental Radio charts.

During the year 2005, Silvard gave 12 concerts, five of which were in different cities in the Philippines to help raise funds for the "Ocean Friends Foundation", an organization that helps preserve the marine environment through education and raises awareness about the fragility of the marine ecosystem. The region in  the Philippines are located enjoys the highest diversity in marine species in the world! 

Silvard's CD, Touched by the Sea, featuring 14 Freeflow compositions, reached #1 on the international New Age and Instrumental Radio play list chart one month after its release on July, 2003. It has become Silvard's best-selling album. The track "At Peace..." is dedicated in memory of NBC journalist, David Bloom. A portion of the proceeds from this album has been donated to the David Bloom Children Trust Fund. 

Silvard's Christmas album, Calling Upon Angels, received a four-star rating on a list of ALL Christmas albums released in the USA since 1975 (list produced by WNUA, Chicago). 

In the Summer of 2000, Silvard began selling his CDs on the popular television network, QVC, the largest television shopping network. Silvard produced three double CD's in two years: With Love, Keys to the Heart and Spirit Within. In 2000 and 2001, Silvard made regular one-hour, live appearances on television performing his music and selling his CD's. These broadcasts have resulted in sales of over 80,000 of Silvard's CD's and cassettes.

In April, 2000, Silvard released his first "Freeflow" album, Postcard from Cape Cod, featuring solo piano pieces that he "Freeflowed" (composed impromptu) in the recording studio (see above). The album hit #6 on the national New Age and instrumental music radio station play list two months after its release and remained on the Top 100 chart throughout the rest of the year. 

A track from Transcendent Voyage made the WJZW-FM (Washington, DC) Top-20 list for 1999; Postcard from Cape Cod was the only album with two entries in the Top-50 list for the year 2000. 

In 1999, Silvard branched out into the international performance circuit and to date has given performances in Canada, Sweden, and twice in Venezuela. In an article in the Sun News (Myrtle Beach, S.C., July 15, 1999), a store owner was quoted saying: "We sell about 100 of his CDs a week. We also get a lot of orders." Since August, 2000, EQ Music, a record label in Singapore, has licenced Silvard's music for distribution throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Since early 1999, the CD Picture of Time has been distributed throughout Taiwan by Wind Song Music International Co., Ltd., located in Taiwan. In early 1999, the Taiwanese record label, Noble Record Co., Ltd., licenced two of Silvard's compositions (Honshu Sunrise and Voices in the Wind). They are part of two of Noble Record's instrumental music releases and are distributed throughout Taiwan. 

For the year 1996, Silvard's composition, Ecstasy, from Picture of Time, was the second most requested track on the WNUA-FM (Chicago) "Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch" program. (Bruce Hornsby took the #1 spot).


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