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Here you will find a variety of gift ideas, including attractively packaged CD collections, a DVD of Silvard performing in concert, and unusual gift baskets. For a truly unique gift Silvard also will compose a song especially for you or a family member, or special loved one (even pets enjoy Silvard's music).

You can purchase specially packaged multi-CD collections of Silvard's music, arranged according to a particular theme or style of music.

Silvard would be pleased to autograph any item, and add a personal dedication of your choice. Please contact us for details.

Enjoy browsing the selection, and don't forget, sometimes  you deserve a present too!

CD Collections

Here are some collections of Silvard's albums, assembled in packages which represent a particular theme or musical style.

The Complete Silvard Collection 

(11 CD Set (20% savings)

This set includes all of Silvard's CDs at a special discounted price. An ideal gift for any Silvard fan.

The Cape Cod Collection Gift Set

(Postcard from Cape Cod, Touched by the Sea, Life is Grand... on Cape Cod)

This set collects all of Silvard's  pieces that were inspired by the natural beauty and ocean splendor of Cape Cod.

The Romantic Gift Set

(With Love Vol. 1&2)

The Silvard Original Compositions Gift Set 

(Life is Grand..., Postcard from Cape Cod,Transcendent Voyage, Touched by the Sea, Picture of Time)


All of Silvard's romantic pieces. A perfect gift for that special someone in your life.


This 5 CD collection contains all the original piano pieces Silvard has recorded.


Personalized Freeflow Composition
A unique way to express your special feelings.

Imagine Silvard composing a song for your or someone you love. Throughout history, composers have been commissioned to write pieces for special persons. It is truly an honor to be so recognized!

The universal language of music is also a wonderful way to celebrate special events in life and to convey special feelings that mere words are inadequate to express. 

It is a wonderful way to surprise someone special, or to celebrate an important life event such as a wedding, a birth or birthday, or anniversary. Silvard’s Freeflow can then also serve as the perfect musical background for any slide shows or videos that are made to chronicle the event.

Here is your chance to commission Silvard to translate your emotions into music through a beautiful Freeflow composition, written and recorded especially for that special person. This will be a song that is guaranteed to be a unique keepsake, a gift to be treasured always.

The process begins with you and Silvard having a conversation to discuss the personality and background of that special person, the occasion being celebrated, and the feelings you wish to be expressed in the composition.  This will help Silvard sense the emotions that he will weave into a truly personalized musical tapestry.

For each Personalized Composition Package, Silvard will perform one or more Freeflow compositions. Recordings are made in a recording studio with a professional sound engineer. 

The CD cover art work will be produced by a skilled graphics designer, using photos that you provide and featuring a greeting from you to the recipient. The CD itself will have a label with title, song title(s), duration(s), and the greeting from you to the recipient. The back cover will feature a description of the Freeflow process with Silvard’s autograph and date. You will receive 2 copies of the total package.

Intrigued by this rare opportunity? Curious to learn more? Remember, these projects are tailored to your specific needs. Silvard will work with you at every stage during the process. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone and speak directly with Silvard, who would love to speak with you about working together to create this deeply personal, enduring gift.

Receive a beautiful 8x10 print of this photograph, autographed by Silvard ($6.95 includes S&H).



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