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Musical Mollusk Recordings

Silvard started Musical Mollusk Recordings back in 1994. This admittedly unusual name reflects his dual passion in life: music and mollusks. He designed a logo that symbolizes these two very different interests by combining a mollusk shell with a G-clef, and the record label was born, just in time for its first album title, Heartfelt, which Silvard released in 1994.

After initially releasing his second album, Picture of Time, on Ivory Moon Recordings in 1995, Silvard re-released it on Musical Mollusk Recordings in 1996. Since then, eight more albums have been released on Musical Mollusk Recordings. In 1996, Silvard trademarked the label name and the official Trademark Registration followed in 2000. In June of 2006, the record label was officially incorporated as an LLC.

Musical Mollusk Recordings are produced to the highest quality standards in all areas, including recording technology, arrangement, artwork and packaging. We have established a business relationship with ITunes that will be operational soon, and plans are underway to make Silvard's material available via download from this site in the near future. Musical Mollusk Recordings is growing its business horizons and is seeking musicians with a compatible musical style and philosophy. We'd love to hear from you.

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