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Silvard has been performing internationally for nearly ten years, with appearances in many countries across four continents. He has entertained diverse audiences of all ages with his piano artistry interspersed with humor-filled anecdotes. Some event organizers have said they felt like they had  hired Roger Williams, George Winston and Yanni all in one person.

Silvard's manner on stage is always professional, yet at the same time warm and unassuming. Interacting with the audience is a vital part of his performance. When he plays one of his signature Freeflow compositions, they are tailored specifically to the occasion, and he frequently derives inspiration from members of the audience. These pieces, combined with his tasteful interpretations of Broadway favorites and movie themes, have proven to be a winning formula and have been enjoyed by people with a broad range of musical tastes. Satisfied listeners have called his performances uplifting, spiritually energizing, relaxing, and inspiring.  Judging by numerous re-bookings, a performance by Silvard is an entertaining experience to be enjoyed many times over.

  • Concerts

  • Fundraisers

  • Public Events

  • Charity Events

  • Cruise Ships

  • Corporate and Private Events

  • Receptions

  • Dinner engagements

  • Weddings

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Awards banquets

Silvard actively supports many charitable organizations, especially those whose efforts are focused on preserving the Earth's delicate ecosystem. Contact us to discuss Silvard's non-profit rates for fund-raising events sponsored by charitable organizations.


Let Silvard help make your event special.

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