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The style of Silvard’s original compositions has been called neo-classical, contemporary adult and New Age. But then some of his music is played on “smooth jazz” radio stations. Perhaps it is easier to describe his style by doing what the critics have already done: comparing it to the music of present-day greats such as George Winston, David Lanz, Enya, and Yanni. Most of his pieces “could have been written” by any of these composers. Some compositions, however, have a more playful, upbeat character, in a style akin to Jim Brickman’s; others sound like they could have been written by Rogers & Hammerstein. A few compositions by Silvard have a truly classical flavor (and rightfully bear titles such as “Mozartasia” and “I’ll be Bach”). And finally, very different yet, he has composed a ragtime piece named after a (what else?) marine, intertidal gastropod genus: the “Littorina Rag!”

The style Silvard uses to interpret favorites from Broadway shows, movie themes, popular love ballads, etc. is similar to that of Roger Williams and Richard Clayderman. “I always try to play a cover song with so much feeling that the original composer would be pleased with my rendition; I take some liberties with the tempo or even the overall feel, but no matter what I play, I put my soul into it” Judging from the response of his listeners and the sale of tens of thousands of his popular "With Love" CDs, he has succeeded in captivating his audience.

A unifying theme for Silvard's musical inspirations, his intellectual pursuits, and his love of travel, is an overarching passion for the earth's natural beauty and a profoundly felt sense of the importance of preserving our planet's delicate ecosystem

Musical Style

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