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Relating to Health and Healthcare

"When my patients want me to play something relaxing, I play them Silvard! I Also use it as background music when I do my figures"

Dr. Beverly Downs, Philadelphia, PA


"Your music disconnects you from the real world and suspends you. It is so healing!"

Charlotte Binakonsky, Rockville, MD


"I play your music every day.  It relaxes and grounds me!"

Ruth Kelly, Mashpee, MA


"I play your CDs for my two dogs.  It calms them down and I leave the music on when I leave the house!"

Lisa McAdams, Mashpee, MA


"This is my therapy.  It calms me at the end of the day!"

Lynn Costello, Walpole, MA


"My girlfriend used your music to calm her down during labor and the delivery of her first baby."

Maria Saravanos, Oldsmar, FL


"Your music got my mother out of her hospital bed... your music heals!"

Erika Rome, Walpole, MA


"We are using your music in our operation rooms, in special relaxation rooms and during trauma therapy. It works!"

Erik de Soir, Psychotraumatherapist, Leopoldsburg, Belgium Done


"I have Parkinsons but since I have been listening to your music, I have been able to fall asleep more easily and I receive so much joy from it! Thank you for being in my life."

Bridgit Klopfenstein, Ft. Wayne, IN


"My sister heard her boss, a doctor, playing this in his office and told me about you and your life. I’m sure we will enjoy your music."

Edith A. Zive, Longmeadow, MA


"Keep up your healing work! I literally got a “breath of fresh air” while listening to your songs!"

Karen Nichols, Middletwon, CT


"I use your music during work; it has a sort of zen about it!"

Dr. James Kolb, Lahey Clinic, Arlington, MA


"You have a great talent and certainly a fantastic touch. I frequently play the cd on my 55 minutes commute. My family have noticed that I “seem more relaxed nowadays” so I send their thanks too."

Captain Roger Skillicorn (pilot), England


"I want to let you know how much your music has helped in my recovery from knee replacement surgery and physical therapy."

Marcia Christensen, Grafton, WI


"For years I could not sleep. Then I happened to find “With Love.” since then, I have no trouble going to sleep."

Sheila LeClair, Douglas, MA


"Thanks for the healing; I owe you one."

Marguerite Vardman, Atlanta, GA


"You absolutely touch and comfort people. I can speak from experience; your music has brought me through some very rough times."

Jowanna Law, Tobaccoville, NC


"After I actually listened to your CD I have never felt so at peace. It actually brought tears."

Sabrina, Oviedo, FL


"Your music is so soothing and comforting"

Gwendolyn Walker, Gary, IN



Relating to School Children

"I use [your music] to calm my students down!"

Maria Saravanos, Oldsmar, FL


"When my kindergarten students get too rowdy, I just play your music and it calms them down in five minutes!"

Belinda Brown, Minneapolis, KS





Relating to Creativity and Finding Inspiration



"I use your music to play in the background in my art classes for my students. I have used lots of music, but yours works best!!!!"

Christina Joyce, Concord, MA


"Your music is beautiful. I listen to it while I paint."

Cathy Beckmann, Smyrna, GA


"I play the CD’s while I am working in a research lab and am convinced they had a role in the great progress I am making lately."

Lorene Leiter, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA


"I listen to your CDs all the time, especially when I am working on projects or writing. I am able to relax and think more clearly about what it is I am doing."

Louise Mossberg, Lancaster, VT


"My ex-boyfriend took my [picture of time] CD and I have been miserable without it. I used it while i am designing handbags."

Jennifer Brint, Spain


"When I am working on the computer, I listen [to] your music for inspiration."

Ahmed I. Gedi, Boston, MA


"I now will be ordering whatever cds you have out there, as I find your music to be inspirational and a great pleasure for whatever occasion."

Mike Best, Salt Spring Island, BC Canada


"I have to tell you that I find your music highly inspirational. It is like you are connected to the source effortless and for me that is very meaningful."

Gilberto Parra, Weston, FL





Relating to the Spiritual

"I pray that more and more souls come closer to God through your music ministry."

Sister Maria Christella Emano, OSB, Baton Rouge, L


"I thank God that He let me learn of your beautiful music."

Shirley Smith, Tallahassee, FL


"You have a true gift from God."

Sue Kohl, Edon, OH


"Thank you again for being that instrument for love to flow through. I thank God for creating beautiful music through you!"

Dorothy Moore, Gulfport, MS


"I have used it as background for my prayer; the music is not secondary to prayer, it becomes it."

Sister Mary Enden Hughes, SSND


"May God continue to use you, maintain the awesome sense of humility I feel In your music and give you peace."




Relating to Concerts and Other Performances

"What a wonderful [concert] program for inspiration and healing!"

Sharon Vecsey, Eastham, MA


"This was one of the most moving concerts we have ever experienced. thank you so very much!"

Doris Voye, Lakeville, MA




Relating to Pure Enjoyment

"What a wonderful gift you provide to so many people. I am looking forward to sharing it with many more friends."

Linda Matney, Charlotte, NC


"Some of your pieces that I have heard are so moving, so incredibly drawing to me, that I wanted them for my collection."

Patricia Clark, Newark Valley, NY


"We love your music and all our friends are addicted to it!"

Bonnie Soular


"Your music is a retreat from our hurried days."

Sue Mied


"Your style of music has the feel of a soulful heart. Thank you for the enjoyment."

Dorothy Holmes


"We love your music and I know Jon is going to be thrilled with the CD’s for Christmas and his birthday. Thanks for bringing such beauty into our lives."

Mrs J. Berrian, West Long Branch, NJ


"It is people like you who make life worth living."

Roman Belzer, New York, NY


"I have a lot of piano music but yours is the most enjoyable."

Mrs. Watson


"Just put the recently purchased Silvard cd Touched by the Sea in my computer... only one word to describe it. Awesome."

Steven Tomasso


"I play your cd coming home from work – very good way to forget the workday"

Marjorie Krahn, Milwaukee, WI


"You were a great addition. Many spoke to me about how well the music fit the occasion. You had Claire up there dancing! Thanks for helping make it an event to remember"

Jim LaBraico, Boston, MA


"How lovely it is that you can bring so much joy into other people’s lives"

Susan Pettibone, South Yarmouth, MA


"I am listening to your cd right now! A hectic day like today needs your music!"

Hilary Greene, Hyannis, MA


"Your music just beats anything I can find in music stores!"

Austin Shirey, Muscle Shoals, AL


"Thank you, Mr. Kool, for your peaceful and yet stirring music"

Patricia Whitelock, Castle Rock, CO


"I am looking forward to hearing more of Silvard’s music. It really speaks to me."

Donna Landon, Milton, FL


"It is so incredibly beautiful. I love, love, love it. Your music touches me as no music has ever done"

Carol Scalia, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


"Know you have touched my heart and soul"

Michael Avery, Honolulu, HI


"I am mesmerized by this music. I have it in my car and am playing it over and over."

Joan Millman, Chestnut Hill, MA


"Your music makes a bad day a good day at the office"

Mike Griffin, Forsyth, GA


"Silvard, your music has touched my soul"

Cleo Hutton, Duluth, MN


"Your music is food for the soul"

Sandy Gregory, Hyannis, MA


"When a person can convey feelings... it is a gift."

Eduardo, Guadalajara, Mexico


"Every time I hear your music I feel uplifted"

Mark Conway, N. Charleston, SC


"I listen to silvard every day at work - wonderful... it touches my soul!"

Judith Ferris, Mechanicville, NY


"We have a 6-cd changer and every CD in it is by you, Silvard!"

Ana Maria Smith, Windermere, FL


"This is the best cd we have heard - it stays in our player!"

Norma Cottrell, Belpre, OH


"Thank you so much for the CD’s! They are awesome!"

Steve French, Kalamazoo, MI


"I do like new age music, but Silvard is in a category of his own."

John Williams, Petaluma, CA


"You are enriching humanity."

Tony Lobl, Attleboro, MA


"Your music calms and fortifies the spirit"

Sharon Vecsey, Eastham, MA


"My soul leaps"

Lynn Lesperance, Yarmouthport, MA


"You bring beauty to the world"

Greg Fahrner, Lexington Park, MD


"We would all live in peace if everyone played your music each day"

Peggy Parks, Prairie Grove, AR


"You have added so much tranquility to my life through your music"

Janet Letourneau, Grafton, MA


"Your music restores my spirit"

Lynn Lesperance, Yarmouthport, MA


"You have a rare talent"

Karen Drescher, Forest Park, IL


"Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the world"

Helen DeMarco, San Jose, CA


"You helped us celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary in the best possible way"

Viv Desautels, N. Dartmouth, MA


"Your music has a deep heartfelt beauty... there are few such beauties left in the world."

Shirley Waine Smith, Tallahassee, FL


"The guests thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. many thanks!"

Jess Savidge, West Palm Beach, FL


"What a gift you are sharing with the world."

Lee Ann Olson, Yorkville, IL


"When I need to enter another astral plane, I come to hear you play"

Debra Lynch, Boston, MA


"When we entertain dinner guests, we play your music."

George Tamer, Norfolk, MA


"Your music has been a tremendous help throughout difficult times."

Larry Cooper, Pittsford, NY


"This has to be the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I’m in heaven! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world — may all the joy and happiness that you send out return to you in abundance!"

Dorothy Ladner, Gulfport, MS

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