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Silvard has given over 100 concerts all over the world, from Caracas to Taipei, from Manila to Boston, from Cebu City to Panama City!  He also used to perform his music in front of the television cameras of QVC, broadcasting his performances live to millions of television viewers.  "That was always a bit nerve-wrecking, and very different different as you cannot see your (very large) audience."


During his concerts, Silvard performs a variety of music that he draws mostly from his 11 CDs: movie themes, Broadway hits, standards, some classical pieces, and many of his own compositions.


Most of Silvard's concerts are benefit concerts for good causes (children with dyslexia, children with autism, prevention of violence, fight against breast cancer, etc.). One concert tour, in the Philippines, had as theme the preservation of coral reefs and the marine environment in general. Silvard would share his passion for the oceans, expressed his concerns to the audience, and stressed the importance of conservation.


His dream is to some day perform his music on stage with an orchestra. “That must be the thrill of a life time!”


Some video footage can be seen on YouTube (search for Silvard).

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