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Moment for Yourself
With Love Vol 2
Keys to the Heart
From Broadway to the Movies
With Love Vol 1
Calling Upon Angels
Life is Grand...
Picture of Time
Transcendent Voyage
Touched by the Sea
Postcard From Cape Cod


"This an album that includes  pieces which cover the full spectrum of my musical styles. Had it been produced later in my career it could have been released as a "Best of Silvard" album. It features some ofmy own compositions, some of which are orchestrated, some of my thoughtful renditions of Broadway classics and movie themes, and some classical pieces. This is the album that started it all!"



Composer, arranger and master pianist, Kool created this album as a way to say thanks to all he has met and have supported him throughout the years since arriving in America. This doctor of zoology from the Netherlands wrote alf of these compositions, performing all but two on keyboard.


Silvard can make his instrument sound like two pianos, with the bass parts played as clearly, if not more so, than the right hand parts. Ocean Voyage, one of his own compositions, performed on grand piano, is intricate and upbeat, with good body.  he has his own style and way of embellishing a melody. Bass and drums do much to give support to this piece. Music Box Dancer is bright and happy.  Here he shows his style at its best, with crispness that is a joy to listen to.  Ballade pour Adeline is lively and pretty.  This piece has lots of arpeggios and lifts the heart.  Speak Softly Love, from The Godfather, is strong and beautifully done.  His bold style of ornamentation fits this song perfectly. Written during a period of personal hardship, Heartfelt is truly from the heart.  Nice for driving and working around the house.

Mia Posner & Jennifer, Heartsong Review

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