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Transcendent Voyage
Touched by the Sea
Postcard From Cape Cod

transcendent voyage

"This my first all-original solo album and it shows the wide range of moods my music can create. They cover the spectrum from an uplifting, upbeat mood, to a romantic, sensual mood, to a feeling of being in a tropical country (it was composed in Costa Rica), or a forest where bird calls are echoing through the trees. The title "Transcendent Voyage" alludes to the feeling of being "uplifted" to a soothing state of relaxation and well-being"



“Transcendent Voyage" by Silvard is a set of romantic piano solos.  Instead of a set of very slow and subdued melodies, these are bright, lively and invested with a sweep of grandeur.  His idea of romantic includes a panoramic view of life's bright moments, opening up in a sparkling array of vignettes where we imagine ourselves enjoying walks on the beach or in the forest.  His classical training shows itself in the way he boldly works his themes into forthright statements that command attention and inspire the listeners to open their eyes wide, basking in the joy of the moment and reaching out for more.  You may have heard Silvard play at the Whole Life Expo or Unity North on previous visits to Atlanta.

Dan Lis, Aquarius, February 1999

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