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picture of time

"This is a fully orchestrated album with lush violins, melodic cello, and an occasional guitar. Eight of the nine tracks on this CD were composed by me. The first track, Ecstasy,  I wrote for mys brother's wedding. This song became the 2nd most-requested song on WNUA's "Sunday Morning Jazz" show for the year 1996. It was this CD that caught the attention of QVC and led to my contract with the television network."



"Picture of Time” is one of Silvard’s earlier recordings, and is a beauty. All but one of the nine tracks are original, and are orchestrated with live musicians and keyboards in addition to Silvard on grand piano. The overall mood of the album is warm and optimistic, but a few of the pieces are a bit more haunting. One of those is “Voices in the Wind,” which features Sophia Roberts’ wordless vocals and Mary Alice McCann on cello. This piece is stunning, it’s so beautiful! The piano carries most of the flowing melody, with voice and cello doing counter melodies and harmony.

“Rainstorm” is also exceptional. Fully orchestrated with strings, percussion, and piano, the piece is full of passion and energy and yet is reflective and bittersweet. I really love this one! “Ecstasy” was composed in honor of Silvard’s brother’s wedding. Elegant and sweet without being cloying, this is a really nice opening piece. “Resolution” has the triumphant quality of a happy ending. “Honshu Sunrise” is a pleasant surprise with a Japanese spirit in the music. I also really like “Romanza,” which is the one piece that Silvard didn’t compose (composer anonymous). It has an Italian flavor, and features acoustic guitar and cello along with piano. The cover artwork for “Picture of Time” is a real bonus. It comes from a painting by John Stephens, and Silvard felt it captured different phases and aspects of his own life - the harbor of his birthplace, shells (he is also a marine biology professor), the harpsichord, etc.

The painting is fascinating - a bit like Salvador Dali’s work, with crystal-clear images and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated objects in places you wouldn’t normally find them. “Picture of Time” is a great album, and a very satisfying musical experience. It is available from Recommended!

Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications, March 2004

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