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Silvard has recorded eleven CDs thus far. They can be divided into three different categories: six CDs contain "covers" (existing songs): five with your favorite love ballads ("romantic songs") and one with Christmas melodies; three feature Silvard's original compositions; Lastly, two CDs are the Freeflow recordings (2 CDs).

No matter which CD you are listening to, you will recognize Silvard's own style of making the music something you not only hear... but also feel! A selection of testimonials received over the years from his fans is found here.

Most of the CDs are solo piano, but several of the CDs he recorded during his contract with QVC have some orchestration while the piano remains the main instrument. For example, the two “With Love” CDs each contain three songs that are orchestrated; 18 members of the Philadelphia Philharmonic came to the recording studio to record their parts, giving these three songs a very rich sound.


Silvard orchestrated his CD “Picture of Time” himself by hiring several musicians (cello, violin, and in one instance a voice, singing a melody, without words). This CD was the second-most played on Chicago's WNUA Sunday Morning Jazz Brunch, with Rick O'Dell for the year 1997!


Silvard sells his CDs at his concerts, where he is always happy to autograph them as well, on this website and in many retail stores around the country, with a concentration on Cape Cod, where he spends a small portion of the year.

You can hear his music on internet stations, satellite stations, radio stations and cable tv stations all around the world. “It always is such a thrill to hear my music played at an airport, in a movie theatre, on a cable tv station, or at the local McDonald's or grocery store!”

Silvard does not listen to his own recordings very often. But when asked what his favorite CD is, he will answer: “Calling upon Angels – I never get tired listening to it; it was recorded in my own Freeflow style, and it literally flowed out perfectly.” The melodies he used are Christmas songs, but they are so freely interpreted (freeflowed) that you can play this CD year-round.

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