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Moment for Yourself
With Love Vol 2
Keys to the Heart
From Broadway to the Movies
With Love Vol 1
Calling Upon Angels
Life is Grand...
Picture of Time
Transcendent Voyage
Touched by the Sea
Postcard From Cape Cod

Keys to the heart

As with the “With Love” series, this CD was first offered as a double CD on QVC and became a best-seller. I selected my favorite pieces from the double CD and released them on a single album. The resulting 12 tracks are all delicately and tastefully orchestrated, similar to the orchestrated songs on the With Love albums. If you like romantic ballads ranging from “The Wind Beneath My Wings” to “Memory” and “I Love How You Love Me,” this CD will surely appeal to you." of Man’s Desiring. The romantic ballad Forever Yours I wrote for my soulmate, Barbara. "


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