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Moment for Yourself
With Love Vol 2
Keys to the Heart
From Broadway to the Movies
With Love Vol 1
Calling Upon Angels
Life is Grand...
Picture of Time
Transcendent Voyage
Touched by the Sea
Postcard From Cape Cod

postcardfrom cape cod

"For the recording of this CD, I used a process I call " Freeflow." It is a technique of impromptu composing in the recording studio. When the sound engineer tells me that 'the tape is rolling,' I relax, I open myself to inspiration, and I begin to play what I feel flowing through. It is as if music is being played through me. I become the instrument, whereby the piano is merely an extension of my own body. Like radio, I pick up signals and translate them into music. It is essential to stay in this Freeflow mode and not to try to control what I am playing; I literally just go with the flow and feel intuitively where to end the piece." This album reached #6 on the national radio play list for instrumental and New Age music.


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